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Corpectomy vs. Discectomy

No one wants to have back surgery. But if your pain and limitations have reached the point where you find yourself considering this option, then have a conversation with your spinal medicine specialist at the Southeastern Spine Institute. The advantages of improving your quality of life may outweigh the risks and downtime associated with even minimally invasive back surgery.… Read more

Does a Ruptured Disc Require Back Surgery?

At SSI, you’ll find a number of back surgery alternatives.

The term “ruptured disc” is one of those medical phrases that’s often used interchangeably with other terms, such as herniated disc, bulging disc, pinched nerve, slipped disc or disc disease.… Read more

YESS Selective Endoscopic Discectomy ™

The YESS Selective Endoscopic Discectomy ™ technique is a minimally invasive spine surgery used to treat extruded, protruded, herniated or degenerative discs that are causing you back and leg pain. This endoscopic procedure is performed with a tiny surgical light and camera to allow the surgeon to see, so he can keep the incisions small.… Read more

Percutaneous Laser Discoplasty

A Percutaneous Laser Discoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to remove a herniated disc or bulging disc material that presses on a root nerve as it exits your spinal cord. You may be a candidate for this procedure if you have a herniated or bulging disc and the disc material has not ruptured into your spinal canal.… Read more

Percutaneous Disc Nucleoplasty

A Percutaneous Disc Nucleoplasty procedure is minimally invasive, which offers many advantages. For example, it requires no bone graft and promises a shorter recuperation time.

You may be a candidate for a Percutaneous Disc Nucleoplasty procedure if you have symptoms related to a herniated disc or focal protrusion.… Read more

Micro Endoscopic Posterior Cervical Discectomy

A Micro Endoscopic Posterior Cervical Discectomy is a surgical procedure used to relieve neck and radiating arm pain caused by a herniated or diseased disc. The surgery removes bone or disc herniation as needed to relieve a compressed root nerve.

Because this procedure is micro endoscopic, you can have it done as an outpatient procedure through same-day surgery.… Read more

Micro Endoscopic Discectomy

A Micro Endoscopic Discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure designed to relieve pain caused by a herniated disc pressing on a nerve root. See the top-left illustration. You can have this procedure done at the Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) as a same day surgery.… Read more

Lumbar Disc Microsurgery

Most often, this minimally invasive surgery — also called a lumbar microdiscectomy — is used to treat a herniated disc. The procedure is actually more effective for treating leg pain than lower back pain, because the root of the pain is in the lumbar area of your back.… Read more

Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET)

A relatively new procedure, intradiscal electrothermal therapy (or IDET), is designed to treat persistent low back pain. It’s a minimally invasive surgery that uses electric heat delivered directly to problem areas of your spine.

Sometimes overgrown nerve fibers — from injury or illness — can cause chronic disc pain.… Read more

Dekompressor Discectomy

A dekompressor discectomy is a procedure to remove the section of a herniated disc that is irritating a nerve and causing you pain. This is known as a minimally invasive procedure because the surgeon uses a small needle-like instrument guided by a fluoroscope instead of using a scalpel.… Read more