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Everything Under One Roof : SEE VIDEO

Here at The Southeastern Spine Institute we have everything under one roof, although with our newly expanded campus in Mt Pleasant, SC, we can now say we have everything under two roofs to serve the entire Charleston, SC area. We proudly call ourselves an Institute because our extensive team of physicians truly offer a vast array of treatments for your specific back or neck problem.

When you come to us with your back or neck pain, you want to know what’s wrong – rest assured that we can find your exact problem.

As a focused, spine only practice, we are very efficient. Our spine physicians utilize 3 MRIs, digital X-rays, nerve conduction studies, CT scans and other diagnostic technologies, then couple them with our vast experience in many different areas of spine medicine to pin-point your specific issue. Once we know the problem, we can find the solution.

A Little About Us

Southeastern Spine’s Physicians and support staff of numerous Affiliate Physicians and Physician Assistants are trained in multiple disciplines: non-surgical or rehab, pain management and specialized spine surgery.

Working together with a staff of over 125 medical professionals we are able to diagnose and treat almost any type of spine problem with the latest technologies and procedures found anywhere in the country, and often in the same day.

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Donald R. Johnson II, M.D. Steven C. Poletti, M.D. Richard Blake Dennis, M.D. Richard F. Frisch, M.D. Leonard E. Forrest, M.D. John F. Johnson, M.D. G. Robert Richardson III, M.D.
Mark D. Netherton, M.D. W. Blane Richardson, M.D. Richard C. Holgate, M.D. Thomas S. Anderson, M.D.
George Trey Lee, M.D. Thomas C. Appleby, M.D.

Always One Step Ahead

To always stay one step ahead, we continue to participate in national studies and conduct medical research to make sure we bring our patients the latest advancements in all areas of spine medicine.

Here at The Southeastern Spine Institute you can receive a wide array of treatments and options, many times on your first visit. Our goal is to have you feeling better and back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

“I wish I had done it sooner!” – I loved to ride bikes, play tennis and be active, but with my back pain, I just couldn’t do it like I could before and I was always hurting. But what was really bad was that my little boy wanted me to pick him up and I just couldn’t. He would say “Daddy, pick me up” but I knew I wasn’t able to, and that’s what really hurt! After going to the Southeastern Spine Institute I can only say, I wish I had done it sooner! …more testimonials

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