We Want Our Patients To Know

The New York Times and TV Network News have recently reported a rare form of meningitis that has been linked to patients receiving epidural spinal injection. Cases of sickness and death have been found in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Maryland. This is not spread person to person.

The causative factor suspected in this outbreak is the fungal contamination of the drug methylprednisolone acetate, one of a number of drugs use to treat patients, however, this contamination is only tied to the brand produced by New England Compounding Center in Framingham Mass.

The Southeastern Spine Institute DOES NOT purchase or use drugs from this pharmacy.

Our supply comes from directly from the manufacturer and is therefore subject to rigorous safety standards that compounding pharmacies such as the New England Compounding Center are not held to.

The safety of all our patients is our number one concern and we do not cut corners or in any way compromise our high standards when it comes to our patients safety.