Techniques & Technology at the Southeastern Spine Institute

Your physician or employer may have referred you to us because of our track record. We’re proud of our experience in pinpointing the causes of back and neck problems, for success in treating many complex spinal disorders, and for utilizing techniques and technologies designed to help patients regain full function and heal faster. A complete list of protocols our doctors have introduced here and abroad would run off these pages, but consider the following examples:

  • SSI physicians made new and effective use of CT scans and MRI in spinal diagnostics.
  • They created a continuum of care – linking diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation together into a single program under one roof.
  • Combining MRI and fluoroscopy, they perfected “guided spinal blocks,” often bringing relief to those suffering from chronic nerve pain.
  • They applied psychological techniques designed to manage pain and motivate faster recovery.
  • They introduced aquatic therapy for pain relief and rehabilitation to their patients.
  • They were first in South Carolina to perform the percutaneous arthroscopic discectomy procedure – outpatient laser surgery to repair a herniated disc.
  • They co-founded the first spine-dedicated medical center in the state.

Southeastern Spine Institute is now performing Artificial Disc Replacement using the ProDisc Aritificial Disc. Contact our office for more information or to make an appointment.

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