Spine Animations

Spine Animations

Tip of the Week

Poor posture can damage the spine and its associated muscles and ligaments. A hunched stance places abnormal stress on muscles and ligaments, causes backache and fatigue, and can even cause the spine to become fixed in an abnormal position.… Read more

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Category: Treatments

Why Are There So Many Different Back Pain Treatments?

It’s often said that variety is the spice of life. And while that isn’t exactly the case with back pain treatments, there is certainly no such thing as too many options. Your case is unique to you, so you may need various back pain treatments to zero in on the one that works.…

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More Pain Relief Alternatives to Opioids

Addiction to opioids has become an epidemic in America. An estimated 115 people die every day from opioid overdose. Another 1,000 Americans get treatment in hospitals daily for misusing their prescription opioids.

Lower back pain affects 26 million people and is one of the most common reasons for opioid use that too often leads to addiction.…

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Spine Implants and How They Work

To understand how spine implants work, you have to know a little about the purpose they serve. Thanks to advances in medical technology, most spinal conditions no longer require surgery. But if your medical condition has advanced to the point that your spine needs additional strength or stability, spinal implants may just provide the answer you’re looking for.…

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Alternative Medicine: Pros and Cons

Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all. Back pain is unique for each person, and treatment should be just as specialized. With methods such as acupuncture, chiropractic techniques and homeopathy becoming popular, more people are looking into different forms of alternative medicine for back pain.…

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degenerative disc disease

Welcome to the Block Suite

When you suffer from back pain, you want relief — fast. That’s why spinal blocks, which were once administered only in hospitals, are now available at Southeastern Spine Institute (SSI) in their fully equipped, in-house suites for your comfort, ease and convenience.…

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The Benefits of Spinal Injections

If you’re experiencing back pain, you’re not alone. The number one reason Americans visit their doctor is to receive treatment for back pain. For decades, spinal injections have been one of the most common short-term treatments for back pain.

Injections into your spine are an effective way to relieve pain that is “radicular,” meaning it radiates from your spine to an arm or leg, and is typically the result of a slipped or herniated disk in the spine.…

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Non-Invasive vs. Invasive Procedures

What Does “Non-Invasive” Really Mean?

In the old days, the only way doctors could examine a diseased organ or malfunctioning joint was to cut through the skin and open up the body. Having done this, they could then determine the nature of the problem and decide on a course of action, which may or may not happen during the same surgical procedure.…

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Corpectomy vs. Discectomy

No one wants to have back surgery. But if your pain and limitations have reached the point where you find yourself considering this option, then have a conversation with your spinal medicine specialist at the Southeastern Spine Institute. The advantages of improving your quality of life may outweigh the risks and downtime associated with even minimally invasive back surgery.…

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intrathecal pump implant

Pain Stops Here: Intrathecal Pump Implant

If you live with excruciating pain that hasn’t responded to traditional, more conservative treatments or surgery, an intrathecal pump implant may be your best option. While the pump is more efficient than pills for stopping your pain, it’s an invasive procedure.…

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