Physical Therapist

Position Summary:
Provides physical therapy to individuals with medically eligible conditions; evaluates, develops and implements physical therapy treatment plans in response to patient needs; trains and provides direction and guidance to Physical Therapy Assistants.

Primary duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Provide physical therapy to patients as prescribed by physician instructions; select and utilize appropriate evaluation tools; prepare written evaluations of patient needs; establish functional goals and achievable objectives based on evaluations and clinical observations.
  2. Evaluate, develop and implement treatment plans, programs and sessions; monitor, evaluate and adjust initial and subsequent interventions, programs and therapy activities in response to patient needs and progress.
  3. Perform evaluation procedures such as test of function, strength, tone, range of motion, upright motor control, spasticity, sensation, proprioception, visual field, bulbar functions, cognition, gait analysis, body image, electro diagnostic and other tests; analyze results to determine extent of patient deficits, limitations and disabilities.
  4. Train and provide direction and guidance to assigned therapy support staff and recommend caseload assignment; oversee patient care treatments; review work for compliance with established standards, policies and procedures.
  5. Consult with physicians regarding evaluation, treatment and progress of patients, changes in treatment plans and discharge plans; provide recommendations to physicians for enhancing the functions of patients by use of a wide variety of medical, surgical or bracing procedures.
  6. Monitor and evaluate client needs for new equipment such as braces, wheelchairs, walkers, lift devices or other therapeutic equipment; write letters of medical justification for Durable Medical Equipment (DME); evaluate existing equipment for effectiveness and make appropriate modifications; make adjustments in response to client growth as needed; instruct parents and caregivers in the maintenance and safe use of equipment; consult with DME providers as needed.
  7. Develop implement and instruct families and caregivers concerning home exercise programs for physical therapy.
  8. Compile information and prepare and maintain various records and detailed written reports, case notes and summaries concerning patients, treatment, therapeutic activities, goals, objectives, progress, evaluations and assigned duties in accordance with established policies, regulations and procedures.
  9. Maintain current knowledge of technological advances in medical equipment and advances in physical therapy techniques.

Position Requirements:

  • Valid Physical Therapist license issued by the SC Board of Physical Therapy
  • Valid SC driver’s license
  • Valid NPI number
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